This web-site contains a huge experience of several experts, tired to search for the authentic information in the Internet.

In Diagnostic chapter there is information about different types of adaptation, coding, measuring value blocks ( MWB ) and how you can use this information in Audi electronic control units ( ECU ). Using information about coding and adaptation can be dangerous for your Audi, please be careful Ц we are not responsible for any information you can find at this web-site!

In Retrofitting chapter there are instructions how can you retrofit your car using Audi (or non Audi) spare parts. Such as TV, DVD, Rear-view camera, cruise-control, etc. Here you can find some articles which allow you, for example via VAG-COM ( VCDS ) or VAS 5051B ( VAS 5052, 5052A etc. ) to do Video In Motion ( VIM ) hack, to see TV or DVD-video at any speed you wish at MMI 2G or 3G system without any additional HW.

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November 30, 2012
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