We use two types of SoftWare for Audi diagnostics: VAG-COM ( VCDS ) from Ross-Tech and the original SW ( VAS-PC ) of diagnostic testers VAS 5052 ( 5051B, 5052A, etc. ). Difference between VCDS and VAS-PC ( in УSelf-DiagnosisФ part ) are unessential to us.

We use VW-group sorting, symbols and logic. We think they are enough straight and simple.

In Diagnostic chapter there are many documents with description about adaptation, coding, measuring value blocks ( MWB ). Description of sensors and fitting locations of them. How to use Output Diagnostic Test Mode ( DTM ) is also here.

Please note that without knowledge and experience it can be dangerous to use information about coding or adaptation. You and only you are responsible for any consequences in use of information from our web-site.

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November 30, 2012
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