Logic of naming actuators in VW-group is simple it contains "N" + actuator number. The actuator number is unique. Here you can find fitting location, connectors and some basic information about actuators.

To our mind, actuators information is reference, so there is only simple search by number.


Audi TT 8J (2006- )

Function description for pressure regulating valve 5 -N233, safety valve 1


The pressure regulating valve 5 -N233- is located in the mechatronics unit as a safety valve for clutch 1. It controls the oil flow for the clutch valve N215 and valves N88 and N89 to control gear actuators 3-1 and 5-N. The safety valve permits fast opening of clutch 1. This becomes necessary when the clutch's actual pressure is above the specification value.

The valve is closed when unoperated, and there is no pressure at the downstream valves.


Possible fault memory entries:

I P1835 - Short to positive

I P2723 - Open circuit/short to earth  


YZ Notes on fault finding:

I In the event of a fault the relevant gearbox section is shut down and emergency running in gears 2 and 4 is activated.


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