ECU - Electronic Control Unit

In terminology of VW-group it's any electronic device, which has been carried out some logic function. Sometimes it looks like nonsens - even simple relay can be called ECU.

The coding of Electronic Control Unit used for explain the ECU where it is and what "neighbours" does it have. Very often on modern cars the coding is crossed with adaptation.

Adaptation of the Electronic Control Unit serves to explain to the ECU with whom and how to talk (If we have started to speak allegories) and serves as storehouse of various adjustable parameters. ( part of memory in the Control Unit which can be changed via internal software )

Measured Values Blocks ( MWB ) – various parameters being inbound or calculated. Considering to value of MWB Electronic Control Unit, trying to "control"... Using of MWB allows you ( if you know the basic parameters ) to find out "close to boundary" or temporarily arising ( intermittent, sporadic ) malfunctions and many other useful things at competent use.


Overview of fitting location - driver's seat adjustment

-1- Seat height adjustment

J Height adjustment motor -V245

J Height adjustment sender -G231

-2- Front passenger seat adjustment operating unit -E470 comprising:

J Longitudinal adjustment switch -E363

J Backrest adjustment switch -E96

J Rake adjustment switch -E222

J Height adjustment switch -E364

-3- Seat rake adjustment

J Rake adjustment motor -V243

J Rake adjustment sender -G232

-4- Control unit

J Control unit for seat and steering column adjustment with memory -J136

-5- Seat longitudinal adjustment

J Longitudinal adjustment motor -V28

J Longitudinal adjustment sender -G227

-6- Backrest adjustment

J Backrest adjustment motor -V45

J Backrest adjustment sender -G230



J Motors are fitted with or without senders depending on the vehicle equipment specification.


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