Logic of naming sensors in VW-group is simple it contains "G" (german "Geber") + sensor number. The sensor number is unique. Here you can find fitting location, connectors and pins description, some information about sensors signals.

To our mind, sensors information is reference, so there is only simple search by sensor number.


Audi R8 42 (2007- )
Audi A8 4E (2002 -)
Audi A6 4F (2005- )
Audi Q7 4L (2007- )
Audi TT 8J (2006- )
Audi A4 8K (2008-)
Audi A3 8P (2003- )
Audi Q5 8R (2009- )

Audi A3 8P (2003- ). G107 Описание

Sunlight penetration photosensor -G107


 A ... Defroster vent screen

 B ... Sunlight penetration photosensor -G107

 C ... Connector on sunlight penetration photosensor -G107

 D ... LED for central locking and interior monitoring



The sunlight penetration photosensor -G107 is located in the defroster vent cover.

The air conditioner temperature control is influenced with the aid of photosensors which record the direct sunlight penetration.

The sunlight passes through a filter and an optical element onto the photodiode. The filter protects the optical element against UV radiation.

Photodiodes are light-sensitive semiconductor elements. With no light incursion only a small amount of current can flow through the diode. When light is penetrating the current flow increases. Thus, the stronger the light incursion the higher the current.

Consequently, the increase in current indicates a higher sunlight penetration to the air conditioner control unit, which in turn adjusts the interior temperature: the temperature flap and fresh air blower are operated accordingly.


K Notes:

J The control unit operates with an assumed fixed value for sunlight penetration if the signal fails.

J The readout of the sunlight penetration photosensor -G107 can be changed by shining a suitable lamp onto the sensor.

J If the system is intact, when the sunlight penetration photosensor -G107 is covered over the blower speed must fall.

J If a permanent penetration of around 900 Watts per mІ (corresponding to around 3.2V) is displayed regardless of the light shining on the sunlight penetration photosensor -G107, check the cabling to the photosensor according to the current flow diagram.

J The sunlight penetration readout is heavily dependent on the season and the time of day, as well as on the vehicle's location (in Central Europe up to about 900 Watts per mІ is displayed at maximum sunlight penetration levels in the Summer).

A Air conditioner; Rep.Gr. 87; Removing and installing sunlight penetration photosensor -G107

A Current flow diagram; ELSA


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