Logic of naming sensors in VW-group is simple it contains "G" (german "Geber") + sensor number. The sensor number is unique. Here you can find fitting location, connectors and pins description, some information about sensors signals.

To our mind, sensors information is reference, so there is only simple search by sensor number.


Audi A8 4E (2002 -)
Audi A6 4F (2005- )
Audi Q7 4L (2007- )
Audi A4 8K (2008-)
Audi A3 8P (2003- )
Audi Q5 8R (2009- )

Audi Q5 8R (2009- ). G18 Описание

Temperature sensor -G18


1 -  Bolt

2 - Temperature sensor -G18


By way of the temperature sensor -G18 the coolant temperature in the heater unit is monitored and heating regulated. The additional water heater also features a second NTC temperature sensor (additional/auxiliary heater temperature sensor 2 -G587) in the heater unit. This improves monitoring and control of the water temperature.

 A Workshop Manual; Auxiliary heater; Rep.Gr. 82

 A Current flow diagram


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