Logic of naming sensors in VW-group is simple it contains "G" (german "Geber") + sensor number. The sensor number is unique. Here you can find fitting location, connectors and pins description, some information about sensors signals.

To our mind, sensors information is reference, so there is only simple search by sensor number.


Audi A8 4E (2002 -)
Audi A6 4F (2005- )
Audi A4 8K (2008-)
Audi Q5 8R (2009- )

Audi Q5 8R (2009- ). G191 Описание

Centre vent temperature sender -G191


A - Connector of centre vent temperature sender -G191

B - Centre vent temperature sender -G191

C - Sealing ring


The climate control is fully automatic. The air flowing out of the heater/air conditioner unit into the passenger compartment is recorded with a temperature-dependent resistance and so is available as an influencing variable in the temperature monitoring and control function of the Climatronic control unit -J255. The centre vent temperature sender -G191 is located in the air duct to the centre dash panel vent and is designed as an NTC sensor. As the temperature falls the electrical resistance increases. The resistance is evaluated as a signal by the Climatronic control unit -J255, and is used to regulate the air distribution and the blower flow rate.


YZ Notes:

J Experience shows that temperature senders are the most frequent cause of temperature control faults. They do not usually fail immediately, but deliver false values to the control unit based on an additional wire resistance as a result of damage or corrosion in the connector contacts. Thus a comparison of the values of other senders (-G192, -G263) in the relevant display zones is recommended for optimum diagnosis.

J The measured values in display group "034" zone "1" (centre vent temperature sender -G191) and display group "034" zone "3" (footwell vent temperature sender -G192) during operation of the air conditioner (temperature preselection for dash panel vents and footwell vents, cold setting) may after 5 minutes be a maximum of 5 °C higher than the value in display group "035" zone "1" (evaporator out-flow temperature sender -G263).


Measured value block 034

Display zone 1

Readout of centre vent temperature sender -G191 in °C.

Display zone 3

Measured value of footwell vent temperature sender -G192 in °C.


Measured value block 035

Display zone 1

Measured value of evaporator out-flow temperature sender -G263 in °C


A Air conditioner; Rep.Gr. 87; Removing and installing centre vent temperature sender -G191

A Air conditioner; Rep.Gr. 87; Checking air conditioner cold output

 A Current flow diagram


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