Video in motion (VIM) for 2G MMI-High - Second generation, and for 3G MMI - third generation.

Video and TV in motion in Audi MMI can be unlock without any additional Hardware - it can be done with VAG-COM, CAN-commander, VAS-505x, etc. with reprogramming (adaptation) MMI head unit [07]-2G or [5F]-3G Our tech-support can carry out this procedure on-line if you can make internet and vehicle connection at the same time. Demanded time depends on Internet connection speed (usually 5-10 minutes). Disabling video in motion have no influence to a guarantee, moreover it even cannot be traced the dealer equipment at all (VAS 505x) without the additional information (manufacturer does not transfer enough info to a official dealers).

On-line unblock Video in motion for 2G MMI - 100 Euro

On-line unblock Video in motion for 3G MMI - 150 Euro

We are co-operate with several media studios worldwide and with great pleasure accept offers on full-time partnership. For our partners there could be special prices. For partners having VAS 505x it is possible to buy additional diagnostics programs developed by us. (Including for video unblocking) Programs are added in the list of programs of Guided Diagnostics (GFF GF).


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